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Doctor Pullman

Dr. Gregory Pullman, 1998
(Associated Press photo)

CivAnon is the not-for-profit brainchild of renowned behavioral psychologist, Dr. Gregory Pullman. A recovering Civ addict, himself, Dr. Pullman began his career in the early 80s as a Lacanian therapist treating patients who struggled with food addiction. However, in the early 90s Dr. Pullman became aware of an even more ominous demon than double-chocolate bomb cake or frosted eclairs. Rather by accident, a former patient admitted a secondary addiction that had become unmanageable-an addiction to a turn-based strategy PC game that had completely consumed him over the course of a single month. Exploring this budding addictive phenomena, Dr. Pullman immersed himself in the world of Sid Meier's Civilization-only to discover that as his “research” neared its natural end, he was hopelessly addicted himself. Dr. Pullman would take up to 180-210 turns at a single sitting, and after several years of hardcore “junkie” behavior, found himself without friends, without a practice, and without hope.

It was at that moment, as Dr. Pullman hit rock bottom, that he rededicated his life to getting the Civilization monkey off his back and bringing his message of hope to other Civilization addicts across the globe. Resurrecting his career in late 2004-just a year before the release of the most addictive Civ strain ever to hit the streets, Dr. Pullman founded CivAnon, a 12-step support group that is making a difference in countless Civ addicts' lives.

CivAnon is here to help. There is hope. Please explore this website and learn what CivAnon can do for you.